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Watercolor Art by Eugenia Gorbacheva

Arctic Painting Original, Watercolor - Greenland #3

Arctic Painting Original, Watercolor - Greenland #3

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Introducing "Greenland #3", an enchanting Arctic painting that will transport you to a world of icy wonder and adventure. This original watercolor, featuring a sailboat navigating the mesmerizing ice coast, is the perfect addition to any home or office seeking a touch of impressionism art. Measuring 12x15 inches, this captivating piece of art is the ideal Adventure gift for the wanderlust-driven explorer in your life.

of this Arctic painting is meticulously crafted with high-quality watercolor paints on durable, acid-free paper. The breathtaking blend of colors and textures captures the essence of the Greenland landscape, offering a unique perspective into the majestic world of the Arctic. The combination of impressionism art and the adventurous spirit of the sailboat makes "Greenland #3" a truly one-of-a-kind piece that will spark conversation and admiration from all who view it.

To ensure the longevity of this beautiful watercolor, it is recommended to frame it behind UV-resistant glass and display it away from direct sunlight. This will help preserve the vibrant colors and prevent fading over time. When you purchase "Greenland #3", you are not only investing in a stunning piece of artwork but also supporting an independent artist who is passionate about creating authentic, handcrafted masterpieces. Bring the awe-inspiring beauty of the Arctic into your home with this exceptional Adventure gift and let your imagination set sail with "Greenland #3"!

Greenland #3
Medium: Watercolour on Paper Saunders Waterford 300g
One-of-a-kind artwork
Size: 38 x 31 cm / 15 x 12 in
Signed on the front
Style: Impressionistic
Subject: Seascape
A certificate of Authenticity is included

Each painting order comes with a bit of surprise inside.

Best wishes,
Eugenia Gorbacheva

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