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Watercolor Art by Eugenia Gorbacheva

Painting Original Watercolor - Lake and clouds - 22 x 15 in

Painting Original Watercolor - Lake and clouds - 22 x 15 in

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Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature with my original watercolor painting, "Lake and Clouds". This stunning piece of nature wall art measures 15 x 22 inches, making it the perfect statement piece for any room. The serene landscape features a peaceful lake with majestic mountains in the background, enveloped in soft, ethereal clouds. Each brushstroke has been carefully placed, capturing the beauty and stillness of the scene.

The painting is crafted with high-quality, vibrant watercolors on durable, acid-free paper. The rich pigments ensure that the colors remain vivid and true, while the sturdy paper ensures the longevity of the artwork. Whether it's for your cozy farmhouse decor, your modern apartment, or your office, this piece will add a calm, soothing touch to your space. It's not just a painting, but a window to a serene world, a moment of tranquility frozen in time.

This original painting is more than just a piece of art, it's a labor of love. Each brushstroke is a testament to the handcrafted quality, creativity, and authenticity that is the hallmark of all my works. To care for this piece, keep it out of direct sunlight and avoid contact with moisture. When framed and displayed, it will surely capture the attention and admiration of your guests. Experience the peace and beauty of nature with the "Lake and Clouds" painting, and let it transport you to a world of serene bliss. Get ready to fall in love with the charm and tranquility of this original watercolor painting.

Medium: Watercolour on Paper Saunders Waterford HP 300g
One-a-kind artwork
Size: 38 x 56 cm / 15 x 22 in
Signed on the front
Style: expressionism
Subject: landscapes
A certificate of Authenticity is included

Each painting order comes with a bit of surprise inside.

Best wishes,
Eugenia Gorbacheva
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