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Watercolor Art by Eugenia Gorbacheva

ORIGINAL Sea Art Watercolor Nautical Painting, Colorful Coral Artwork , Ocean Fish Art, Gift

ORIGINAL Sea Art Watercolor Nautical Painting, Colorful Coral Artwork , Ocean Fish Art, Gift

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Take a journey with us under the sea and explore the rich, vibrant world of coral fish living in the warm tropic seas. This beautiful original watercolor painting by Eugenia Gorbacheva, Undersea World #7, brings to life the fascinating creatures that inhabit our planet’s oceans. With its delicate brushstrokes and vivid colors, this artwork captures the entrancing beauty of deep blue with lush corals, exotic fish, and so much more.

From small damselfish to larger predators, you can spot colorful species of all shapes and sizes. Witness firsthand the hidden gems of the underwater realm in this stunning piece. The soft blues, purples, and greens create an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity as if you are emerging on a wondrous adventure in the tropic sea. With its intricate detail and lifelike depictions, this painting will bring a pop of aquatic splendor to your home.

Capture the essence of the ocean right in your own space with the original watercolor painting Undersea World #7. Whether it’s used to spruce up a living room or as a centerpiece to a bedroom, its romantic imagery will transport you to the depths of the tropic sea and complete your dreamy escape from reality.

"Undersea world #7"
Medium: Watercolour on Paper Saunders Waterford 300g
One-of-a-kind artwork
Size: 31 x 23 cm / 12 x 9 in
Signed on the front
Subject: seascape
A certificate of Authenticity is included

Each painting order comes with a bit of surprise inside.

Best wishes,
Eugenia Gorbacheva

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