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Watercolor Art by Eugenia Gorbacheva

Watercolor Flora Original Painting, Purple Flower Wall Art - Pink Fantasies #2

Watercolor Flora Original Painting, Purple Flower Wall Art - Pink Fantasies #2

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Dive into the delicate world of floral beauty with "Pink Fantasies #2," an original watercolor painting that captures the essence of a purple flower's enchanting allure. This one-of-a-kind piece is meticulously hand-painted, showcasing the artist's passion for nature's elegance. Measuring at an ideal size for display, it will easily become the focal point of any room, providing a serene and captivating atmosphere.

Crafted on high-quality watercolor paper, this artwork is not only stunning but durable. The vibrant hues of purple and soft pinks are protected with a subtle varnish, ensuring the longevity of the colors. It's perfect for adorning your living space or as a thoughtful gift to a loved one. To maintain the painting's pristine condition, keep it away from direct sunlight and moisture. Framing under glass is recommended to preserve its beauty.

"Pink Fantasies #2" is more than just a painting; it's a piece of the artist's soul, transferred onto paper. The unique brushstrokes and color blending techniques make this floral artwork stand out. It's not just a gift; it's an experience, an original creation that can never be replicated. This watercolor painting is a testament to the handcrafted quality and authenticity that only true art conveys.

Medium: Watercolour on Paper Saunders Waterford 300g
One-of-a-kind artwork
Size: 20 x 31 cm (unframed) / 8 x 12 in
Signed on the front
Style: Impressionistic
Subject: Flowers and plants
A certificate of Authenticity is included

Each painting order comes with a bit of surprise inside.

Best wishes,
Eugenia Gorbacheva
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